Sabra Riders is an organization to encourage Jews who ride motorcycles to ride together and enjoy each other’s fellowship.


We are an affiliate club of the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance Worldwide (JMA)


At the Mellow Musroom

Our annual Pizza Party, all who attended enjoyed the party and the food.  










Greetings Fellow Sabras,

It was great seeing so many members out today. For those who didn't make it, there will be more opportunities for you to join us as the weather gets warmer and nicer.

We will be ordering new club T-shirts. There will be available as pre order in the next few weeks. There will be short and long sleeve options as well as cotton or DriFit.

Our club is also working on a riders course through the MSF- advanced low speed handling that will help keep safe on the road. This will be an instructor led course and there will be a small fee.

We will also be providing a presence at the Yom HaShoah service at the cemetery on April 19. Rob Zucker will be sending out another email with all the details.
Lastly we are gathering a ride map set to prepare for distribution to our paid members. Please email me your favorite rides for sharing with the club.

Thank you all for your continued membership and I am looking forward to seeing you for a rain or shine breakfast next Sunday morning and some riding if the weather gods permit.

Peter Shatz, DDS
President, Sabra Riders


It was great to see many of you at the pizza party today.  Several folks asked me about the 2015 R2R in Nashville coming up in June.  Here is a link to the details and the online reservations.  There is also a form you can use to print and mail your reservation, if you prefer.  I just made reservations for Betsy and myself.  Since Nashville is practically in our own back yard, I hope to have a big group riding there together.  There are several options for the Saturday ride.  The Children’s Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell, TN is one of them, and that’s the one I signed up for.  Click the link or open the PDF and start making your plans.  Based on the itinerary, it should be a good time.




 Respectfully yours,
Wayne Markmant
Sabra Riders of Atlanta        


PS The Board strongly requests that we reserve sabrariders(at)sabrariders.com for motorcycle related topics. Any other comments, personal or political can be shared at stuff(at)sabrariders.com to be added to this distribution list, instructions are here


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