Sabra Riders is an organization to encourage Jews who ride motorcycles to ride together and enjoy each other’s fellowship.


We are an affiliate club of the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance Worldwide (JMA)

Rider Rules

Ride Rules Watch the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Videos here, MSF 

Before every ride together please observe the following:
  Be sure your bike is mechanically sound. Breakdowns inconvenience the entire group. 
 Check your tires for wear and tear. Be sure you have the proper inflation pressures before a ride
 Have a FULL fuel tank before you arrive.
 Appropriate clothing must be worn.  Road rash sux.

 Never pass the road captain.  Road captains have a major responsibility and your help is appreciated.

 Ride in a staggered formation on main roads. Road captain on the left side of the lane.  Use the two second and one second rule when following. Do not leave much more than 2 seconds between bikes in the same lane and one second in the staggered lane, if you do a car can slip in and break up the group.

Maintain your Lane; When you are riding staggered stay in your lane. 

Wandering from lane to lane is extremely dangerous to the group.

 On winding roads or narrow roads, single formation is used with your regular cornering technique.

 Constantly check the person behind you.  If you find yourself at the end of a group that has been split up, wait at the next turn off and direct those following.

 When stopping during the ride, get fully off the road as soon as possible and leave room for other riders to follow.

 At fuel stops, fill up as quickly as possible and move your bike from the pump so others can fill up.  Don’t buy too much food or drink, you will either hold up the group, get indigestion or have to stop early for a bathroom break.   

Know Your Hand Signals: (thanks to several web sites for these graphics)

1. Left Turn: Left arm straight out from body. Palm Flat. Fingers together.  
2. Right Turn: Left arm out and elbow bent. Hand straight up. Palm flat. Fingers together.  
3. Stop: Left arm down to side. Palm facing rider behind. Fingers together. Flash brake lights very rapidly.  
4. Slow Down: Left arm down to side. Press flat palm up and down parallel to the ground imitating a braking motion.
5. Need Gas: Point to tank. (Always start a ride with a full tank.) Hungry: Pat stomach.  
6. Ask Someone To Pass You: Left arm out at side, waving forward. Palm flat. Fingers together.  
7. Police nearby or obstruction on the road: Pat the top of your helmet.
8. Turn Signal Left On: Left arm out. Thumb and fingers opening and closing.  
9. Hazard On Road: Point at the area on the road with your hand or your foot.
Hazard Left Hazard RightA2
On Left
On Right
Tighten up- Raise your left arm and repeatedly move up and down in a pulling motion.  This indicates the leader wants the group to close ranks. Same as US Military hand signal for Double time.
10. Single file, extend arm showing Index finger in the air
11. Staggered formation, extend arm up and hold 2 fingers in the air.
Pissed off

Extend your left arm straight out with your elbow bent 90 degrees. Carefully extend your middle finger to clearly demonstrate your dissatisfaction with the other guy. NOTE: It is not recommended you do this when you are alone.


When you see these signals pass them back so everyone knows the leader's intent or the hazard.

This comes from a motorcycle web site, thot it would be a good idea. (webmaster) 
new idea - HELMET....ATTENTION ! ! !

A HELMET ON THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD indicates a motorcyclist has a problem and may need assistance. Help make this a universal signal by spreading the word and by stopping when you see a " HELMET ON THE SHOULDER ".

Be considerate and helpful to others on the ride.

Thank you for reading this…….here’s to safe riding!


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